Bilateral Relations

The Hellenic Republic recognised Estonia on 19 May 1922. In 1922 Aleksander Hellat, residing in Warsaw, was appointed the Estonian representative to Greece. He was only able to hold this position for a few months, because he was called back to Estonia in November to act as foreign minister. Before the Second World War, Estonia’s honorary consul in Athens was Augustin Constantin Papadatos (from 1929-1940) and the vice honorary consul in Pireus was Spiridon A. Georgandas (from 1928-1940). Greece had accredited Kimon A. Kollas, residing in Warsaw, as its ambassador to Estonia. Greece was represented in Tallinn by Honorary Consul General Jüri Parik until 1929, when the position was taken over by Oskar Kerson until 1940.

Diplomatic relations between the two countries were re-established on 2 October 1991. The Estonian Embassy was established in Athens in April 1997 and headed by Chargé d’Affaires a.i. Jüri Arusoo. The first Estonian ambassador to Greece after the restoration of independence, Andres Unga, presented his credentials to President Constantinos Stephanopoulos on 18 April 2001. He initially resided in Tallinn. As of August 2003 the Estonian ambassador resides in Athens. The current ambassador of Estonia to Greece,  Karin Rannu, presented her credentials on the 10th of May 2022.

In 1993 Stelio Valsamas-Rhallis, residing in Helsinki, became the first ambassador of the Hellenic Republic to re-independent Estonia. The Greek Embassy in Tallinn was opened in February 2005 and the first ambassador to reside in Tallinn was Christos Karapanos.

The current Greek ambassador to Estonia, Georges Papadopoulos, presented his credentials on the 12th of January 2023.

Estonia currently has four honorary consuls in Greece: Emmanuel Dandoulakis on the Island of Crete, Nikolaos Kantarzis on the Island of Kos, Irene Panagopoulos in Patras and Efpraxia Avlogiari in Thessaloniki.

From the Estonian side the chairman of the friendship group is Annely Akkermann.