Estonian passports and ID cards

There are three different methods how to renew your documents:

• the self-service portal
• by POST directly from the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board
• at the Embassy

1. Renewing Estonian passport and ID card via the self-service portal

You can apply for a new ID card or passport (if less than 6 years have passed since taking of fingerprints and applying for the previous passport) via the self-service portal.
Passports for children under 12 years of age can also be renewed via the self-service portal as fingerprints are not taken from children under 12 years.
Your documents will then be sent to the Embassy in Athens. Our Honorary Consuls can also issue passports and ID cards.

2. Applied by post:

The application form should be sent directly to the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board:
Police and Border Guard Administration
Pärnu mnt 139
15060 Tallinn

• Standard application form

• ATTENTION! Only a digital photo is accepted. An applicants digital photo should be sent by email to [email protected] (The Police and Border Guard Board) (photo requirements) Applicants name and the personal ID code/date of birth should be added to the email.
• The state fee to the Ministry of Finance  

NB! Please have in mind that a fee of 20€ will be added to the state fee if the documents are ordered abroad.

Your documents will then be sent to the Embassy in Athens or to our Honorary Consuls.

NB! When you are in Cyprus, please order your documents to the Estonian Honorary Consulate in Cyprus, Nicossia. If you write Estonian Embassy in Athens, Greece, and change your mind later, there is a state fee of 80€ for sending your documents to Cyprus.


On what occasions do I have to book an appointment and come to the Embassy to apply for documents?

Your old passport is expired (you need to get your fingerprints taken at the Embassy).
You wish that someone else picks up your passport / ID card on your behalf. A written consent can only be given at the Embassy and at the same time when you apply for document.

To get an appointment with the consul please register in advance by phone: (+30) 210 74 75 660 or
by e-mail: [email protected].

Estonian passport / ID-card for an adult

• Standard application form
• Digital photo (JPEG, 1-5MB, min 1300X1600 pxl) that should be sent directly to [email protected]. Add your name and date of birth/personal code number to the e-mail.

Estonian passport / ID card for a child

• When applying for the first time you will need to include the child’s original birth certificate
• Fill in standard application form
• Copy of parent’s passport
Children under 12 years do not have to come to the embassy in person, one of the parents can submit the application on behalf of the child.
When your child has reached 12 years of age he or she has to come to the embassy personally to give fingerprints for the passport or ID card.

When applying for the first ever Estonian passport for an adult you will need documents proving that an applicant is an Estonian citizen.

If you have acquired Estonian citizenship by birth:

• an original of a document proving that you are an Estonian citizen;
• an original of a document indicating that at least one of your parents is an Estonian citizen, and verification documents to prove that you are descended from a parent who is an Estonian citizen.

If you have acquired Estonian citizenship by naturalization:

• a certificate of citizenship.

Documents referring to Estonian citizenship for the period from 1918 to 1940 can be obtained from:

• Registers of Births, Deaths and Marriages (birth certificates, certificates of marriage and divorce, certificates on changing names, etc.);
• the National Archives (certificates of Defence Forces, option certificates, school- leaving certificates, documents verifying the possession of real estate or working in the public service, etc.).