Economic Relations

Estonian and Greek economic relations have been relatively modest. In developing economic relations, there are good prospects in the fields of maritime transport and transit, port construction and shipbuilding, advanced technology, science, forestry (wood products), and agriculture. There is also interest in co-operation in the tourism industry.

In June 2005 in Thessaloniki, the Greek-Baltic Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established with the aim of developing relations between Greece and the Baltic states primarily in the fields of trade, economy and technology.


Estonia-Greece trade 2005-2011 (million EUR)

Export Import
2010 6.7 7.0
2011 7.2 6.6
2012 6.5 5.9
2013 7.2 7.0
2014 7.2 8.5
2015 8.1 5.6
2016 8.7 5.3
2017 10.8 11.0

Statistical Office of Estonia

Direct Investments

According to Bank of Estonia data, as of 31st of December 2017 Greek direct investments to Estonia totalled €1.6m. The investments were made in the fields of professional activities, research, technical activities, accommodation, food business, information and communication, finance, insurance and real estate.
The total of Estonian direct investments to Greece as of the same date stood at €2.2m. The investments pertained mostly to real estate, the financial sector, insurance, wholesale and retail.


Greece continues to be a popular tourism destination for Estonians – the direct flights that started in May have certainly contributed to this. In 2017 50 015 people travelled to Greece.